Kythira is an island located opposite the eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The Kytherian sea is the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite according to Hesiodus fable. Due to its strategic location it has a long history and has been influenced by many civilizations and cultures. This fact is reflected in its architect. Today tourists are captured by the beauty of the nature and can admire the numerous sightseeing.

There are many beaches of varying type (pebbled and sandy) where one can swim. The most attractive ones are in Diakofti, Kaladi, Melidoni, Halkos, Fyri Ammos, Palaiopoli, Platia Ammos, Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Fourni, Lagada.

There are also caves worth visiting, like the cave of Agia Sofia in Mylopotamos, the cave of Agia Sofia in Kalamos and that of Chousti in Diakofti. Furthermore, the waterfalls in Mylopotamos are very beautiful and picturesque.

Very important monasteries and churches are spread in the island. The greatest monastery is Panagia Myrtidiotissa which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The monastery of Agia Elessa, Agia Moni and Saint Theodoros are also significant. Historical monuments are in Paleochora (the Byzantine capital of Kythira with many churches), the bridge of Katouni and the lighthouse of Moudari (the highest -25 metres- the English built in the Hellenic area).

On Kythira there is also a Byzantine museum (with hagiographies from the early Christianic period and an archaeological museum (with vessels of the Minoan and Mycenaean years.)

On Kythira there are many villages. Chora is the capital of the island (with narrow roads and white houses and also a dominant castle). Avlemonas is very beautiful and picturesque, Kapsali is the seaport of Chora where many festivals take place and Potamos is the commercial centre with a market every Sunday. In addition, the island offers opportunities for hiking and hunting.

Famous local products are the high quality honey of kythira and Sempreviva (a yellow plant which grows only on Kythira and never dies).

Kythira is an island of unique majesty and beauty which keeps its authentic characteristics and offers a sense of calmness and revitalization to the visitor.

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